About Us

Our History and Philosophy

The concept of GLM Management Consulting Group, LLC started in 1996 when Ben Ramsey, founder and president, worked as a volunteer business consultant providing human resource consulting services to nonprofit organizations. In February 2001, Ben collaborated on a consulting project with another independent consultant to provide human resource and business consulting services to an organization. Later that year, he developed a strategic alliance with two other independent consultants. It was from that relationship that a formal network of independent consultants was established. Since 2001, the Network has grown to include professional consultants and network affiliates in Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, and Washington, DC.  In 2011, GLM Management Consulting Group, LLC became a subsidiary of the RHBC Group.

Our organization is guided by the following principles:

MISSION: Our mission is to work collaboratively with organizations to achieve strategic advantage through improved organization and workforce performance.

VISION: Our vision is to provide our clients with high quality products and services that are price competitive and exceeds their expectations.

COMMITMENT: We are committed to providing the highest quality of service possible in order to help organizations achieve their business and performance objectives.

VALUES: We believe in the professional principles of integrity, quality and service excellence in all that we do.

Our firm supports these guiding principles by only partnering with individuals and companies with qualifications and experience in human resources or organizational effectiveness and who embrace these values.

Our Team

Our firm will bring to your organization the resources necessary to successfully complete any project related to business strategy, human resources and organizational performance.  All of our consultants have had extensive experience in at least one of these areas, either from working in a leadership capacity for a major public or private employer or as …

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