Performance Management System

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Our performance management system is a competency-based model, developed in Excel. The System is well suited for organizations seeking to create and sustain a customer centered, team oriented and quality focused culture.

Our performance management system is designed to move the performance review from a once-a-year event to a continuous, collaborative and interactive process that ties employee performance to bottom line organizational results.

Major features and benefits of our performance management system:

  • Organizational and Individual Goal Alignment: The system is designed to align individual performance goals and objectives with those of the organization. This can lead to increased productivity and a tangible impact on organizational goals.
  • Fair and Objective: The system is designed to encourage employee involvement throughout the performance review cycle. Whether during the development of goals and objectives or while giving and receiving feedback, the system is designed to foster an interactive process that promotes fairness and objectivity.
  • Promotes Effective Communication: The system comes with built-in “note pages” that the manager uses to document both positive and negative performance behaviors. This allows the manager to quickly reference the notes during an employee coaching and feedback session or when conducting the formal performance review.
  • Career Development: The system can be used as a career development tool.
  • Time Savings: The system is designed to automatically calculate performance review scores based on employee ratings and weight inputs saving the manager valuable time and reducing the chances for errors.

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