Overview of Services

Our Firm specializes in serving the public sector, nonprofits and small to mid-size businesses on a variety of human resources and organizational performance issues. We have extensive experience in the following:

Human Resource Program Design and Implementation: We work with organizational leaders to design and implement custom programs that improve workforce and organization performance and enhance the organization’s ability to attract and retain a talented and motivated workforce. Programs include:

  • Position Classifications and Compensation Practices Analysis and Evaluation
  • Compensation and Benefits Program Design and Implementation
  • Human Resources Policies, Controls, and Procedures Development
  • Performance Management Systems Design and Implementation
  • Wage and Salary Comparability Studies
  • Alternative Reward Systems Design

Strategic Business Planning: We believes that an effective strategic planning process is analytically based and driven by the top-level goals of the organization, which ultimately flow down to the execution of program activities. Using a proven approach, we work to ensure that a client’s goals, missions, and objectives are clearly defined so that policies, practices, programs, and decisions lead to desired outcomes. Streamlined planning principles, such as data quality objectives, decision theory, and data analysis, are tools used to achieve coherent visions and strategic objectives within an organization. We often use a facilitated, interactive process with management and staff, regulators, and stakeholders to achieve consensus building for situations involving cross-program integration. We also work closely with Human Resource and organizational leadership to develop and implement workforce initiatives that are aligned with business and performance objectives of the organization.

Facilitation Services: Our experience ranges from facilitating a consensus position for a large group, whose members contain divergent views and opinions, to establishing the agenda for a small but critical meeting at the group, department or division levels. We foster cooperation between all parties to improve group cohesion and effectiveness, ensure that all participants have a voice, and strengthen the decision-making process. We employ a wide variety of techniques and practices to achieve consensus on a spectrum of issues, including confidential research strategies and activities, outreach programs, routine business decisions, policy development, partnership strategies and resources, educational programs, and complex technical issues.

Survey Services: We are experienced in the conduct of various type surveys; focusing on an unbiased and systematic application of proven techniques. We provide a full line of survey services, which span design and planning to collection and administration to quantitative and qualitative analyses. Our survey methodologies and instruments generate high-quality data used to evaluate operations, customer and employee concerns, and recommend program and policy solutions.

Priorities and Performance Assessment

Organization and Department: Working with organizational leadership, we will identify ways to reduce cost and increase productivity. Whether at the organizational or department level, we can perform an audit of the workflow and key business processes to identify where processes and systems can either be improved or eliminated.

Human Resources: We work with HR leadership to determine which services are “value added”. Our firm will conduct a comprehensive assessment of HR services to determine how well and efficiently the services are delivered, suggest improvements and assist in determining how to best spend funding for “valued-added” services.

Organizational Cultural Assessment: Working with organizational leadership, we will perform an in-depth assessment of the workplace environment, using quantitative data and interviews to determine if there is any difference between the organization’s current culture and its desired culture. The information gathered from the assessment can then be used to design interventions for cultural change.

Payroll Services: We offer a complete payroll processing solution that can be customized to meet your needs. You may select from a menu of services to include payroll data entry, payroll checks preparation and direct deposit, comprehensive computations for federal and all 50 states, payroll tax reporting and preparation of W-2s. [Payroll Service Brochure] [Click here to view video]

Training and Development

Employee and Leadership: Our Firm offers a variety of employee training and leadership development programs designed to promote continuous learning and improve work performance. We use proven adult learning methods in program design and delivery of all our training and development programs. Organizations may opt to select from our menu of program offerings or we can assist with customization and implementation of specialized programs that suit the nature and needs of the organization. [Click here to view partial listing of training and development programs]

Board Training and Development: We offer a highly interactive training program designed for board members and senior leadership of educational institutions and nonprofits who seek to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their organization. 

HR Administration: We can work with HR leadership to review, revise and develop policies and procedures that support the organization’s business objectives and are in compliance with applicable federal and state laws.

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