Our Services To Nonprofits

Technical Assistance: We can provide the technical assistance needed to achieve your organization’s objectives and remain in compliance with applicable requirements from funding sources and regulatory agencies governing nonprofits.

Services include:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Program Planning, Development and Evaluation
  • Drafting Board By-laws
  • Preparing 501(c) 3 Documents
  • Conducting Salary and Wage Comparability Studies, and
  • Drafting Personnel Policies and Procedures

Human Resource Program Design: We can work with you in customization and implementation of specialized programs that enhances your organization’s ability to attract and retain talented employees. We have years of experience in developing Job Classification Systems, Compensation Programs, and Performance Management Systems.

Strategic Planning: We can work with you to help define your business strategy for the future. We can assist with creating your mission statement, overarching goals and strategies, and action plans that are based on outcomes and designed to achieve overall organizational success.

Workforce Training and Development: We offer a variety of employee training programs designed to promote continuous learning and improve work performance. You may opt to select from our menu of program offerings or we can assist you with customization and implementation of specialized programs that suit the nature and needs of your organization. [Click here to view partial listing of training and development programs]

Board Training and Development: We offer a highly interactive training program designed for board members and senior leadership of nonprofits who seek to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their organization. The training is module based to allow maximum flexibility for boards with time constraints.

Major topics include:

  • Board Governance: The Roles and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board
  • Keys to Becoming a Highly Effective Board
  • The Art of Successful Fundraising and Revenue Sourcing
  • Introduction to Strategic Planning

Board Development and Training

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